The Process
& What to expect when coming in

Know nothing about wine? No problem!

Winemaking is a simple and fun hobby. Just simply drop in and we’ll walk you through the process.

Step-by-Step Process

  • 1. Visit us! (Entrance corner of Sir Joh A Macdonald & Terry Fox Drive) No appointment needed.
  • 2. Find your wine style ( don’t worry, we will help you)
  • 3. We’ll add the “must” juice to a pail, you’ll add a package of yeast and VOILA.

That’s it! You’ve started a batch of wine!

Wait for 4-8 weeks (depending on the wine chosen), we will look after the fermenting, racking, clarifying, and filtering. On your receipt there is a “bottling date”. This is the day we promise you that your wine is ready. You can come in anytime on that day or after. No appointment is needed.

Bottling Day

Bring in your CLEAN empty wine bottles (most batches make 23 litres or 30 x 750ml bottles). We always have new bottles available for you to purchase if you require.

We’ll show you how to use one of our two heavy-duty bottle sanitizers which do 28-30 bottles at a time, and vacuum filling machine.

Corking is as easy as closing a door with our pneumatic power corkers.

Shrink caps & labels are also included to add that final personal touch.

Option; Upgrade and you can personalize your wine labels. Have your winery name put on your very own vintage. You can choose any label you want from our vendor MacDay Label Systems You can view the available labels in the label gallery.